August 29, 2012

Columbine UU Church, October 6, 2012

How is it possible that the last time I performed in Colorado was two days before the enormous moving truck arrived at the Nederland house to haul our life to Georgia? How is it possible that that night was over three years ago? Remember, I was so wrung out from packing that I actually had to do the show sitting down (though I did get to wear some fancy high heels because of it)? Brenda and Jeff gave me a Mixed CD of Georgia-y tunes, Stella got a bone, and everyone joined in to sing St. Mark together. It remains one of my favorite shows of my entire career.

I am so happy that my first show will be in the exact same spot as my last! Even better, it's a split show with Jan Garrett & JD Martin, two of the most moving songwriters and performers I have ever had the immense pleasure of knowing and singing with. I have known Jan since I was 15, when I auditioned for a role in my high school's production of The Secret Garden, a musical for which Jan had written all the music. If you've heard me sing "Home, Come on Home" a cappella, then you're already familiar with Jan's music. Unbelievably, that's the song she handed the teenage version of me and I have been singing it ever since. Everyone from Hot Rize to John Denver has covered and recorded it, but to hear Jan sing it herself is something out of this world. Jan had a huge influence on the musical direction my life took and it's an honor to get to sing with her.

I met JD when I came back to the Roaring Fork Valley last summer. Even if you've never heard him sing in person, chances are you're familiar with songs that he has written. JD had an incredible career as a songwriter in Nashville and LA, writing for people like Reba McEntire and The Oak Ridge Boys, but to hear him sing his own songs is profoundly moving. He has a voice like velvet and, sweet jesus, he can play piano. Together, Jan and JD are moving, inspiring, and so full of joy. Singing with them this summer has been bad ass.

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So, retirement, shmertirement. Being a housewife has had its perks and I've been able to sink my teeth into writing fiction, but I feel a deep pull to sing and I have a few new songs to try out. I'll be singing with Jan and JD and they will play with me. Get ready for harmonies, people! How happy I am to be coming home! You have been sorely missed!


Columbine UU Church
October 6, 2012
Split bill with Jan Garrett & JD Martin.
$12 in advance/$15 day of show
6724 South Webster Street
Littleton, Colorado 80128

Advance ticketing info to come in the next few days!

Posted by bethamsel at 11:21 PM

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