20 September 2012
Free MP3! End of July with Jan Garrett & JD Martin
In the last few weeks, Jan, JD, and I have been rehearsing together for the upcoming show at Columbine UU Church. We've been having so much fun, we decided to head into the studio to record a little preview for folks. I could not be more pleased! Singing with these two is such a total and utter pleasure. I hope you enjoy!
29 August 2012
Retirement, Shmetirement! Colorado, I have missed you!
Returning to Columbine UU Church in Denver for first show in THREE YEARS!
How is it possible that the last time I performed in Colorado was two days before the enormous moving truck arrived at the Nederland house to haul our life to Georgia? How is it possible that that night was over three years ago?
I am so happy that my first show will be in the exact same spot as my last! Even better, it's a split show with Jan Garrett & JD Martin, two of the most moving songwriters and performers I have ever had the immense pleasure of meeting. READ ON...
18 March 2012
Another Summer in the Roaring Fork Valley
Though we've barely reached the height of March, it's a whopping 85 degrees in Atlanta today. Seemingly overnight the redbuds are blossiming, wisteria has bloomed in the tree tops, and acrid kudzu bugs are buzzing about in the millions. We never had a single hard freeze this winter, which bodes poorly for the coming seasons. All the elderly, native Georgians at Kroger and CVS are prognosticating that this summer is sure to be a harsh beast. There is no better time than right now to plan for this summer's return home. Mt. Sopris, here I come!
09 March 2012
Torn Rotator Cuff? Who Knew?
The shoulder is a wonder of mechanical design, allowing one to effortlessly strum a guitar, load in PA equipment, or whip cream with a little vanilla and powdered sugar. Tear one of the four rotator cuff tendons holding it all together and even the most simple tasks involving the arm become a challenge. It took nearly a year to figure out the problem, but after two rounds of steriod shots into the bursa, I am two weeks away from finally starting PT on the torn infraspinatus. So far, so good!
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