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July 25, 2008

Joining Forces with The Love Handles

This summer, I have had the incredible pleasure of sitting in with just about the greatest bunch of guys I have yet come across, Todd Adelman and The Love Handles. Todd writes like the bastard child of Tom Waits and Gram Parsons with a little Stephen Stills thrown in for good measure. His band, The Love Handles, features the incomparable Greg Shochet on guitar and mandolin, and the all too fine Bret Billings on pedal steel (both borrowed from Halden Wofford's Hi- Beams).

Yours truly gets to be the girl singer. As most of you know I am a flat out whore for good harmony. When I was eleven, I wrote a very earnest (and poorly spelled) letter to Tom Petty letting him know that I was available to be his back up singer at a moment's notice (sixth grade be damned). Needless to say, I never received a reply (I don't hold it against him), but now I get to put my own guitar aside and do what I love most, sing. I haven't yet brought out the red sequined dress and paper fan, but it could happen!

You can learn more about Todd and The Love Handles here:www.toddadelman.com

Posted by bethamsel at 9:59 AM