Inman's Lament
Beth Amsel
©2005 Good Egg Music (ASCAP)
I’ve got a bad feeling about this
I’ve got a cold sense in my bones
deliver me, lord, deliver me
swiftly and safely home

every night’s like a curse before me
every night’s cruel to whisper your name
no one told me, child, it’d be easy
to get on up and go home again.
get on up and walk home again

sleep comes easy in the morning
before the whisper of light leaks into day
I get a moment or two in this reverie of you
a moment or two and then I get up for you

you’ve got to cross into night’s last revival
when you give you your last lifeline
never mind all you think you rely on
you’re on your own when you head home this time
you’re on your own when you head home this time

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