Beth Amsel
©2005 Good Egg Music (ASCAP)
How you going to win me?
Baby, how’s it gonna be?
A gesture or two from a man like you
and look at me, I’m weak in the knees
Everytime you’re near me
Baby, everytime you’re near
I get the gist though we ain’t never kissed
My, but your intentions are clear
I get what you’re intending my dear

You’ve got me swinging low
Baby, I don’t know how you crept
so deep in my heart
But if you want me to, I would swear to you
that you and I would never have to be apart

And all the time we spent thinking
love’s heaven sent
with our heads held high in the sky
And there you were before me, always adoring me
I don’t even ever want to ask you why

Now that you’ve got me
Baby, now you’ve got me true
It’s a lesson to learn, how to smolder not burn
and I gladly give myself to you
I gladly give my self to you
I gladly give myself up to you.

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