Hello Baby
Beth Amsel
©2005 Good Egg Music (ASCAP)
With Stephen Kellogg
Hello, baby, how’ve you been?
We haven’t spoken much lately.
There’s no right and wrong that I can tell.
You just do the best you can and hold your breath andhope it all ends well.

You lit out of town,
half expecting the world to spin down.
With no love and no hope left to gain.
There’s no cold enough to deaden numb you
still you find you cherish your pain.
And it’s alright now. It’s alright now.
It’s under the bridge, over and out.

It all comes to pass.
Sweet forgiveness is yours if you’ll ask.
There’s no shame and no loss that I can’t fill.
Come and let me know you, let me love you,
let me show you I will. I will. I will.

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