End of July
Beth Amsel & Dave Chalfant
©2005 Good Egg Music (ASCAP)/Chalfantium Music (ASCAP)
With Katryna Nields
Hey, It’s night in the tall grass and cat reeds
so silent you slip past the driveway
On down towards my house, towards my heart, across the well
crack the glass, hold your breath, slip the ledge, I’ll never tell
You and I in the end of July

Hey, light on the straw wheels, golden light
John Deere dead parked in the corn fields, nothing shifts
wait for a sign, shoot the moon, close your eyes
the weather moves, the crickets call, I love back, bones and all
You and I in the end of July

Catch us if you can,
in the dark we’re nothing but stars
brilliant satellites
we’re stars into dust into stars

Hey, it’s only a snapshot, back and white
I’ll never tell how we end up
You and I in the end of July

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