Beth Amsel
©2005 Good Egg Music (ASCAP)
There are a million places I would rather be
twist up the bedsheets,
throw them through the bars for me

This is a never ending story
hope and faith, death and glory
the path of most resistance
your train departing off in the distance

It’s time.
Could it be the last night of your life?

I saw the light pour through a million leaded panes
shot through the stained glass and I started off again

This is a tale that needs recounting
the fool under the pressure mounting
the greatest folly offered
the boat you missed as you’re heading outward

It’s time.
Could it be the last night of your life?
Why would you want to waste it?
Turn away when you could taste it?
It’s everything at once forbidden
yours to take if you’re only willing

I woke this morning on an airport carosel
picked up my baggage
and I’m bound for somewhere else.
Bound for somewhere else.

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