You're Welcome
Beth Amsel
©2001 Good Egg Music
I flip up the switch in the light up in the kitchen
I've got a feeling you're lurking still
Love me but baby I've had my fill
I've got a robe wrapped tightly around me
I've got a nightgown falls to my knees
Love me baby but leave me please

This is how the cold wind feels
This is my shotgun appeal
This is the highway
There's no way you're welcome to stay here
I've got a straight back chair up in my kitchen
I could sit still here awake all night
Love me baby but leave tonight
I've got the full moon light to see you coming
Quarter a mile or more I bet
Love me baby but ain't you split yet


I've got a colt cocked upwards towards the heavens
feels like forgiveness cold on my thigh
Love me baby but don't ask why
So don't be surprised if I call it as I see it
I've heard it told every dog has his day
You've loved me, now baby be on your way
You've loved me, now baby be on your way

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