Beth Amsel
©2001 Good Egg Music
I should have careless
I should have been callous
underneath the street lamp's sodium glare
I should have been thorough
I should have pushed you back
your stubborn heart
and left you once and forever there
but I kissed you
I smiled as I said goodbye
and I meant what I said
this is a rough road you wed

I'm sitting here in Dallas
in a dive in texas
with an ache like a forearm for the spoon
I am peeling back the labels
I'm spinning empty bottles on the bar
lonely litters the room
and I miss you
even more than you warned I would
this is a bitch of a test
this is my white flag at best

step up, be brave, lay down you guard
give in an inch, give up your heart
just imagine how it'll feel if I let you take me home
just imagine waking up sorry and alone
with my head upon your chest
with my hand across my mouth
there are things in life I swore that I could live and do without
but I swear that was before you found me

I couldn't be careless
I couldn't be callous
on the night of our fourth of July
I couldn't be thorough
I couldn't push you back
your stubborn heart
underneath the roman candle light

now I miss you
even more though I swore I never could
this is a bitch of a test
this is my white flag at best
of all the pretty places that I've been
honey none compare to you
I am sorry through and through
and if you'll have me I am coming home to you.

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