What You Can Never Have
Beth Amsel
©2001 Good Egg Music
You've got a mink cap
Bloody red hands
You've got a whale bone comb
and a pressed paper fan
rice powdered cheeks
and a sharpened tooth
baby I love you

All for the love of what you can never have
All for the love of what you can never have
Tell yourself it's going to be another long night ahead
Buck up you made it, now lie in your bed
You're a motel
that takes in travelers through the night
You are a cold water flat
up ten flights
and every calculated smile
hits its target straight and true

chorus (twice through)

If I stood up
and made for the door
and waved the back of my pretty hand
like I've done a thousand times before
I know you'd get up
and stop me before I walked through
cause that's just the kind of thing
that's the kind of wicked thing
that's just the sort of thing you'd do
And I stay because I want you to.

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