Little Comfort
Beth Amsel
©1999 Good Egg Music
I am looking down a deep well
so far off the main road
I am calling from a payphone
from where I don't know
I'm halfway to broken
by way of desperate
all of the roads I haven't reached yet
since I left home
And I take a little comfort
in this filling station
it's a small town station
not a Texaco

I stopped for a short pause
just to get my course down
feet solid on the still ground
and to shake this dull ache
I don't know if you can hear me
have I got the right number?
I've been pointedly humbled
since I left home
And I take little comfort
in this waning patience
it's a bitter patience
and it goes down cold

I remember everything
I remember the day I left
because I am cursed with a memory so sharp
or blessed because I can not forget
and I am standing in a town full of strangers
who don't know me yet

I'm almost out of spare change
and there's this woman waiting
this connection is breaking
along the long distance lines
so I'll get back on the interstate
and take it east like I'd first planned
follow something that I don't understand
but I'll call it mine
and I take a little comfort
in this radio station
it's a Boston station
playing songs I know.

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