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February 24, 2001

Good Evening! Well, lovelies, we are now two weeks into the recording of the follow up to A Thousand Miles. I have decided to call it: Kindling. This is exactly what you are left with when you take a sledgehammer to your life and smash it to bits. It is also that which you absolutely need to begin a great, roaring fire. It is a fitting beginning and a fitting end and a perfect transition between the two.

Working with Dave Chalfant has been an incredible joy and I feel extraordinarily lucky to have his talent and countenance. He hears things I would never imagine and I am so thrilled with what he has pulled out of these songs. I brought What You Can Never Have to him thinking it would be a smoky little sleeper and he has deftly turned it into a beautiful r&b-ish number with a bass line that blows my mind. He is patient and kind and has such an amazing ear for putting all of the parts of the jigsaw puzzle together. His musicianship knocks my socks off. AND he loves Yodels!

We're finally finished with all of the basic tracks (guitar, drums, bass, and vocals) and now turn to the really fun stuff. I had thought I would be able to write more for the website to keep you all posted, but it has been a fairly long schedule (as I said to a friend earlier in the week, I have become scarily adept at coming home at one in the morning and in the total dark peeling off my clothing in a trajectory from the front door to the bed). Katryna and Dave, however, have been unbelievable hosts, taking me into their home and even letting me have the TV clicker!

Everyday I am floored with what we are making. Thank you all so much for all of your encouragement and support that has escorted me to the door of this recording. That so many of you loved A Thousand Miles and asked for another record continues to fill me with such a great appreciation for the people who make this possible in my life. I hope you like Kindling as much as I have loved recording it.

So here's to what's to come! I hope this finds you all very well in winter's chill and I hope you're beginning to peek around the edges towards Spring's arrival. She's out there, just around the bend...

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