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March 7, 2001

Good morning from behind the snowbanks! We braced ourselves for the mother of all snowstorms, but instead we received the distant second cousin once removed. That's ok. I am thrilled that I get to put on my ski pants (remember when they were called snow pants not so long ago), roll around in the white stuff, and dig out the car, aka: The Beast. Remember when we had little strings with clips that would keep our mittens firmly attached to our coat sleeves? Do they make a grown up version of that?

Thank you so much for your Kindling pre-orders! We have received 50 so far in the first week and as we still have four weeks to get up to 200, I think we're going to make it (I hope, I hope).

The recording continues...Alan is coming this week to play organ and Gideon arrives next week to play cello. Come Down has turned into eerie loveliness that I adore and The Warning floors me with Dave Hower's drumming and Dave Chalfant's ethereal guitar. Now if only I could find that 1983 Journey poster to put up on the wall...

In other news, I have been invited to play at Falcon Ridge Folk Festival this summer as part of The Most Wanted Song Swap. This is an incredible honor, as I have loved Falcon Ridge since the moment I stepped foot on this New England soil in 1995. Thank you so much for voting for me last summer and enabling me to return to this amazing festival. As part of Most Wanted, we will be doing a Falcon Ridge preview tour in the first two-three weeks of May through out New England. I'll keep you posted.

I have been recently added to the bill this Friday night at the Iron Horse Music Hall. This is the first time I will be splitting the evening at this hallowed venue and I am thrilled to be able to do so with Colleen Sexton. I hope to see some of you Northampton area locals, for I think this will be my only date in the area before the record comes out in the summer. Also, for you wonderful Tri-State area folks, I have a show with the ever amazing Ben Demerath next week in Black Rock, CT (Bridgeport area).

I hope this finds you and your families very well in winter's supposed waning. I hope you're builing snow creatures and NOT loosing your mittens!

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