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July 15, 2000

It is late afternoon and I have yet to get dressed for the day just as the rain has yet to let up its soft white noise. I took a break from Lenin's Tomb(a history on the fall of the Soviet Union published in 1993 when there was still a great hope that, perhaps, mother Russia would be alright through the transition into the unknown) to read utter fancy in the form of Melissa Bank's The Girl's Guide to Hunting and Fishing(love in a handbasket). Funny like Anne Lamott.

I hope to see some familiar faces next weekend at Falcon Ridge. I will be playing the mainstage on Friday sometime near one in the afternoon as part of the New Artist Showcase. What do you think I should play?

I hope this finds you all very well and enjoying whatever particular summer fancy fits your bill (baseball? b-b-q? skinny dipping?). Thanks, as always for all of your support, and especially the wonderful e-mails. I love hearing from you!

Posted by bethamsel at 4:29 PM