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August 27, 2000

Good evening! Oh, I am having a wonderful summer. Though the mornings have been cool, the air is heavy laden with moisture tonight settling thick on my skin. It has been so beautiful in the last week, with the tips of the trees turning a burnished rust and the leaves carrying an unmistakable drying rattle. I have an energetic cricket outside my window that greets me in the morning with a whirr not unlike a tiny engine turning over and over again. I will miss him when he departs. Every single day is like a catch in the throat as the season turns on its edge towards impending autumn. I wake up and open my arms to a creamy yellowing light proving that we are, indeed, making our way towards the outside rim of our orbit around the sun. How amazing!

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Thanks to everyone who came to the Essex house concert this month (especially Rachel and the girls up front), which was just a kick. How wonderful to stretch out the new material.

This month I have been writing a ton of new tunes and as September rolls in, I'll be playing quite a bit, both solo and as Richard Shindell's opener (see: On The Road). I love this man's music and it is a great honor to share the stage with him (his records have been a constant companion over the last eight years). I think he is the premier songwriter of this or any era AND he is a wicked guitar player.

I hope this finds you all very, very well and I hope you are reveling in sweetcorn and berries.

You're Welcome

Flip up the switch on the light in the kitchen
I've got a feeling you're lurking still
Love me but baby I've had my fill
I've got a robe wrapped tightly around me
I've got a nightgown falls to my feet
Love me baby but leave me please

This is how the cold wind feels
This is my shotgun appeal
This is the highway
There's no way you're welcome to stay here

I got a straight backed chair in my kitchen
I could sit still here awake all night
Love me but baby leave tonight
I've got the full moon light to see you coming
Quarter of a mile or more I bet
Love me baby but ain't you split yet?

This is how the cold wind feels
This is my shotgun appeal
This is the highway
There's no way you're welcome to stay here

I've got a Colt cocked upwards towards the heavens
feels like forgiveness hard on my thigh
Love me but baby but don't ask why
Don't be surprised if I call it as I see it
I've heard it told every dog has his day
Love me now baby be on your way

Posted by bethamsel at 4:26 PM

August 3, 2000


I should have been careless
I should have been callous
underneath the streetlamp's sodium glare
I should have been thorough
pushed you back, your stubborn heart
and left you once and forever there

But I kissed you
I smiled as I waved goodbye
and I meant what I said
this is a rough road you wed

I'm sitting here in Dallas
a dive in Texas
with an ache like a forearm for the spoon
I am peeling back the labels
I'm spinning empty bottles on the bar
lonely litters the room

And I miss you
even more than you warned I would
this is a bitch of a test
this is my white flag at best
all the pretty places that I've been
none compare to you
I am sorry through and through
if you'll have me I am coming home to you

Posted by bethamsel at 4:28 PM