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August 21, 2009

Why Does The Right Wing Not Want Us To Have Control over Our Lives?

Here's my question for the day: Why is it that the right wing, anti-health care people do not want us to have control over our lives? Why is it, exactly, that we're not permitted to talk with our doctors about end of life choices? Do they believe we are so ignorant, so stupid, that we should not even be permitted to privately discuss our health care with our physicians? Do they believe that the more in the dark we are, the less educated we are, the better off we will be as elderly Americans? How condescending and paternalistic! With all of the "death panel" noise, that's the message I am getting. How dare I want to control my own life! Silly, silly American! I actually thought I had the right to make certain decisions for myself regarding the quality of my elder years. So much for the "Land of the Free." I guess it's the Land of the free unless you're pregnant or elderly.

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