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October 4, 2006

Way To Obfuscate The Issue!

Those of you who come here regularly know that, on occasion, I rant and rave on a sore political topic. I know this has the potential to alienate a listener or two (or fifty-seven), but please know this is not my intent. That being said, however, if you have no desire to read the political hooey of a mountain dwelling singer-songwriter, Turn Back! Turn Back NOW! Ok, consider yourself warned because I am fairly pissed this evening.

By now everyone has read that Representative Mark Foley (R-FL) has been, for an indeterminate amount of time, engaging in (at best) sexually inappropriate behavior towards or (at worst) criminal predation of under age Congressional Pages. Humans do loathsome things, thus is it surprising to know that, prior to resigning from Congress on September 29th (leaving a once sure thing GOP seat in congress looking very vulnerable), Foley was the co-chairperson Congressional Missing and Exploited Children's Caucus?

While Dennis (that's "Denny" to his good ol' boy president) Hastert, in a desperate bid to remain Speaker, vehemently denies knowing anything about Foley's extra-curricular activities prior to the recent ABC expose, increasing numbers of congressional personnel are stepping forward to dispute his denials. It is now looking as if the GOP, in an effort to retain majority in the House in the coming election, chose to ignore his behavior and quiet the pervasive discomfort. It would seem that the Republican Party has forgotten that it bills itself as the moral vanguard of America and the protector and arbiter of "tradition family values." Hmmm. I can not figure out whether to call them hypocrites or bald face liars. Since I use the latter with fair regularity, let's go with hypocrites, shall we?

First the GOP tried comparing the ensuing scandal to the Clinton/Lewinsky affair, but that didn't really fly with the public because, well, she was a legal and consenting adult.

Then, Newt Gingrich said the reason GOP leaders didn't deal swiftly with Foley when allegations first surfaced last year was because they didn't want to appear homophobic. I kid you not. The very party whose 202 House members voted for a constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage cares about being branded "homophobic"?!? These people REVEL in their bigoted stance (Rick Santorum, to name just one).

The latest, which I heard on the radio this afternoon while driving up the canyon, was that, well, Foley is GAY and OF COURSE he couldn't keep it in his pants. Paul Weyrich, chairman and CEO of the Free Congress Foundation (an unabashed culturally conservative "think tank" which fights for the Right in the Culture Wars) said today on NPR that Foley coming out explained it all because (and I quote), "Homosexuals are preoccupied with sex." Excuse me?!?

Mark Foley is first and foremost sexual predator who was intoxicated by his wildly inappropriate actions. This is not because he is gay. It is because he is damaged. Pedophelia and homosexuality are NOT THE SAME THING. Karl Rove's attempt to downplay the pedophelia and ram home Foley's recent admission that he is gay is a way to downplay Congress' complicity in his behavior and win points with his conservative base. I am sorry for the soapbox this evening, folks, but I am furious over this last tactic by the Right to bash the crap out of the gay community.

OK, I will stop now before I begin to sound like a ranting crazy person. If you want more info (mixed with a bit of levity) check out Wonkette.

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