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September 24, 2006

Line Rider

Last Night's show in Laramie was incredible! After not performing in a year, I had absolutely no idea what to expect and for perhaps the first time in my life as a performer, I was nervous to the bone. I could not have asked for a more welcoming crowd, especially the folks who drove up from Boulder. Frigid temperatures, yes, but a warm environment. I loved meeting new listeners including the two juniors in the agriculture department at UW and the very dear couple, one of whom was from Alaska and named for a Pink Floyd song (how cool is that?!?).

The show made me forget about the drunk men in parkas, cowboy boots, and cowboy hats who held my parking space hostage in the lot behind Coal Creek and who felt the need to pound on The Egg as I drove by.

Stella came with us to the show last night and held up very well in her swanky stuffed bed in the back of The Egg (curtesy of her Oma). She's already a seasoned road warrior and I look forward to more trips with the WonderDog.

I could wax fondly on, but my real reason for this post is to spread the word about my new favorite on-line distraction: Line Rider. Jim pointed it out to me this morning and I now admit freely that I have been playing with it all day. I dare you to not become addicted to the little sledding girl avec her flying red scarf. Algorithms dealing with acceleration and angle have never been so much fun. Enjoy!


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September 23, 2006

Fox "News" Interviews Bill Clinton

I have just now read the transcript, posted on thinkprogress.org, of Fox News bobblehead Chris Wallace's interview with former president Bill Clinton. Clinton was invited to the interview to speak about his enormous fund raising efforts to relieve some of the worst suffering on the planet. Instead he was blindsided with questions about his role in not capturing Bin Laden or decapitating Al Qaeda while in office. Not only does Wallace come across ignorant of recent history, but he uses a single book as his departure point rather than his own research. This is journalism? No wonder between 22 and 43 percent of Americans still believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 when we have a press corp willing to disseminate inaccurate propaganda at the behest of this administration (ie. Maggie Gallagher and Mike McManus).

My respect for Clinton has multiplied tenfold. His quick wit and articulate responses make me long for the days when we had a president for whom intellect and discourse was a priority.


The rough, full transcipt can be found HERE

ThinkProgress is doing some fairly comprehensive coverage of Fox News rediculous handling of the Clinton interview. Check them out!

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