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June 3, 2005

Stella, The Wonderdog

We have a new addition to our household here in Nederland. Last week, Jim and I brought home a ten week old yellow lab puppy who we have named Stella (the joy of which is opening the back door and yelling, a la Brando, "STELLA!"). She is a beautiful little creature, expressive and joyful, a digestive machine, devouring everything we put before her soft black nose (as well as that which she roots out on her own, most notably my running shoe laces). I am thinking we should have named her Hoover, for the impressive manner in which she sucks every last crumb off the carpet. Every afternoon we walk down to the reservoir (which takes a good deal of cajoling and a pound of puppy treats) and with each return visit, she grows more bold at the water's edge. It's a wonder to watch her learn something new every single day (yesterday she learned how to walk down stairs; today she learned that the neighbor's old chocolate lab doesn't care much for excitable puppies). Now if she would only sleep in her crate past 5am, all would be right in our little world.


Posted by bethamsel at June 3, 2005 1:49 PM