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March 19, 2003

The State Police have closed all local roads but for emergency traffic and the latest radio news report has warned us not to expect road crews til catch up till Saturday. Here on the farm, it could not matter less. The horses hop over the snow's height, unpeterbed by the extreme ground cover, their soft muzzles adorned with thin ice spikes. The egg is a rounded, post modern sculpture somewhere over there (at least, I think that's the egg). This moisture bodes well for a summer garden, which I had been told would be an impossibility due to the unrelenting drought (last summer, Left Hand Water Concern banned all watering till further notice).

I CAN NOT believe the road down which our president and his administration is embarking. Please, please, please, if you do not believe in this course of action and the furture which it implies, please get in touch with your political representative and let them know your opinion. Your voice is an extraordinary instrument and you count! This is still a democracy, no matter how quietly and persistantly the current administration works to undermine that beautiful process.

That's my soapbox for the day. I wish you and your loved ones well and I hope all in your family is safe and sound.

Posted by bethamsel at 4:12 PM