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January 29, 2001

Good evening again from the chilly environs of Northern New York. There's water and anticipation in the air this evening as the surrounding community pulls in tight for the impending arrival of what is expected to be quite a doosy of an ice storm. Let her come, I say, full of fury and calamity. This seems to be the mood I am in.

Apart from heading into pre-production for the new record, I have been working on a rather amorphous writing project regarding loss and grief and healing (there's a giddy topic for you). The following quote from Freud was sent to me by a lovely friend:

"Although we know that after such a loss the acute state of mourning will subside, we also know we shall remain inconsolable and will never find a substitute. No matter what may fill the gap, even if it be filled completely, it nevertheless remains something else. And actually this is how it should be. It is the only way of perpetuating that love which we do not want to relinquish."


Posted by bethamsel at January 29, 2001 4:20 PM