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January 22, 2001

A very good evening to you lovely folks. I type this from back in the wintery landscape of Western Massachusetts, warm in my house with Edie The Good swatting at my toes. He's a sleek black thing, muscular and green eyed, good with a golf ball or a piece of twine and who believes the holidays and their unbiquitous wrapping and ribbons are made just for his sharp little claws. He is the original feline paper shredder. Good for home or office and he's economical, too. Uses no petro-chemicals or electricity! Runs solely on kitty krunchies and a bit of freeze dried salmon (yuck)!

Edie is coming up on his first big adventure. I have decided to move to Colorado in the Spring and my make home, once again, against the back drop of a very big sky. I will still be in the east for a good chunk of the year, especially with Falcon Ridge Folk Festival and the record coming, but The Horse Ranch beckons and life is too good that close to the mountains.

What does this mean? I will stay in touch much more closely and frequently through the website. I will be posting new music as MP3s with fair regularity for you to download, along with lyrics, right here on the site from where ever I may be. I'll finally be travelling up to the Pacific Northwest (thanks to all of you wonderful folks up in the Seattle and Portland area who have been so vocal and supportive. I'll see you in August!) and will most likely see more of Texas than I have to date. I am most definantly going to be eating a geat deal more green chile and flour tortillas. I couldn't ask for a better listener community in all of you. I am thrilled for this next step and look forward to you coming along as part of the adventure.

In the meanwhile, I'll continue working on the record with Dave Chalfant and perform (and snowshoe and simmer great caldrons of potato leek soup). Thanks to everyone who came out to the Moneypenny House concert this past Saturday night in Cambridge. Didn't Kerry, Heather, and Jen do a great job? I laughed so much that night, my jaw hurt driving home. Now there is an occupational hazzard I can live with!

Much love to you. I am now back to my five pound book: Cryptonomicon...

Posted by bethamsel at January 22, 2001 4:22 PM