Beth Amsel
The Reverie

Upon first listen, you might be tempted to label Colorado resident Beth Amsel’s music as folk-pop in the style of Dar Williams. You wouldn’t be wrong, but Amsel also has a depth that will surprise you.
The Reverie marks Amsel’s first solo record since her stint as a member of Voices on the Verge along with fellow songstresses Erin McKeown, Rose Polenzani and Jess Klein. The record takes listeners on a journey through many different musical styles. “Michigan” is the poppiest number, bemoaning the trials of long-distance love. On “End of July” Amsel sings of loving someone, “bones and all.” Dreamy harmonies and tambourine join multiple guitars, giving the tune a ‘60s pop flavor, á la the Byrds. “Come Up” has the feel of a ‘30s swing tune. “I think it’s alright if you’ve got the time,” Amsel sings invitingly over the expert guitar work of producer pal Dave Chalfant. There’s even a cover of Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur.” Well done in all, and well worth checking out.
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